Formation Architects, Inc. PLAN. DESIGN. IMPLEMENT.

About Us


Plan. Design. Implement.

It’s the simple formula that defines our philosophy at Formation Architects, Inc. Our approach to design seeks to simplify and streamline the process and we are committed to a responsible design every step of the way.


Every project starts with a sound plan of action, one that suits the owner’s needs and not beyond the scope of the owner’s budget. Starting with the evaluation of an owner’s existing facilities and their condition, followed by the options for design, implementation and the project scope is established.


The project’s scope will direct the design effort and further development of the project. The owner approved design will be delineated with drawings and supporting documents.


The implementation will be guided by the project scope. Whether the final project is a due diligence report or a new construction project, the project team will assist the owner through completion.


Formation Architects, Inc. is a full service architectural design firm with licenses in 16 states, NCARB certification and LEED Accreditation. With offices in Saint Louis, MO, Highland, IL and Goodlettsville, TN. Serving  both the Midwest and Southeast Regions of the United States.

Staff experience is varied and includes projects from small roof system designs to large multi-story college classroom buildings.

Formation Architects share offices with Foresight Services, an affiliated service company that specializes in the evaluation, design and construction management of key building components; Roof Systems, Building Façade, Parking Lots and Rooftop HVAC.